How to Make the Most Use of Your Planner (Three Simple Ways to Productivity)

I love fitness.
I also love writing, reading and yes, collecting planners. 
Some might say, in this digital world, writing in paper is near extinction – I say, it’s a lost art that is a gold mine once discovered.

In my case, having these notebooks and binders give me this compelling need to use them  for whatever function they may bring, then again, we all know that it is not possible.

Take your pick

I eventually came to terms with the thought that these are just tools for me to do what needs to be done, while enjoying what I love doing — which is writing, and providing a venue for creativity. As tools, we  need to know what works and what does not.

Everyone wants to be productive. 
There is a sense of accomplishment when one ticks off a “To Do List” or when things happen as planned. With this thought in mind, a question popped up :   What do we “plan” for? What goes in our “planners” or notebooks?

In this post, I am sharing three things that I have realized would help in “planning” your day.

First of all, know your non-negotiables.

What is it that you love doing? 

If I say that I LOVE FITNESS, then, I should make sure that it is scheduled in my day, if not, it’s just lip service and I would not be “walking the talk”.
Choose your Top 3 things that needs to be done for the day and make sure that what you incorporate what you love doing in your MUST DO list — until it becomes a routine.

30 minutes of various exercises a day makes a big difference!

Second. Know your role.

What are the various roles you play in life? 

For me, I am a mom for four lovely teeners, a wife of a very supportive husband, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a believer of God. 
With this in mind, I would make sure that I do my commitments on each role and balance my activities based on the outputs required of me for those roles.

Third. Know your goals.

What do you want to get accomplished in the big picture? How do you want your 2016 to be? What do you want to do, what do you want to have? 

Make sure that everyday, you are working towards that goal. 
Another way to solidify your goals is by creating a vision board which will be discussed in detail in my next few posts. It is always good to have visual reminders of how you want your life to be, and what best way to make that happen than to always be reminded of it with a page dedicated as a portable vision board in your planner.

Make your goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timebounded). Have a short term (1 year), medium term (3 year) and long term goal (5 year) and ensure that what you are working on is supporting the goals you have set for yourself. 


With these points, I can then start my planning at any point in time.
I just need a small quiet spot, some coffee and my planner.

Coffee and some planning, a sure fire way to start a great day no matter where you are

Happy planning!

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