Why NOT Being Successful IS Selfish

Hello readers!

It’s been more a year of not updating my site as I’ve been busy with various events and fitness activities offline. Going through various phases, it’s interesting how one still gravitates to one’s passion as working on one’s passion is a surefire way of finding success.

SUCCESS. A concept that most people want to achieve in their lives — It’s interesting how I’ve been reading articles about how you need to be selfish in order to be successful and every time I finish reading, it always makes me wonder if that’s the only way to do things. “To be successful, you have to be selfish, or else you never achieve” — Apologies to His Airness MJ but those words saddens me a lot.

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Imagine the surprise I had when I heard Ray Higdon say (paraphrasing it a bit)  “Most people think success is selfish — but the thing is, it’s selfish NOT to have Success”.


And he went on further saying…

 ” You have a powerful story within you and if you don’t succeed, you’re just going to keep that story inside you, without sharing it to other people, and you’ll never inspire a soul — THAT is selfish. There’s a music inside you that needs to be heard.. that needs to be played – don’t die with the music inside you… For you not to have success is extremely selfish – you NEED to have success so that you can make an impact in this planet, so that when you come to the end of your days, you can say that you made a difference — that you make an impact in this planet and you made a difference in people’s lives. Touching people’s lives can only come from you performing from a higher level — and that is required to make a contribution in this planet.”

Those words, though simple, haunted me and made me want to share it with you guys.
Those words made me want to write again.
Those words activated something deep inside of me that despite being rusty with my writing, I decide to push through and share my thoughts.
So what are your thoughts on this? Do you think being successful Is selfish or not? 🙂

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