6th Firefly Brigade Christmas Gift-giving Ride

“You will find, as you look back on your life, that the moments that stand out
are the moments when you have done things for others.”
 – Henry Drummond

Facebook is indeed a wonderful thing. Not only does it reconnect people but it helps the community in a lot of ways. I saw this invite from my Facebook, I believe that this is indeed a cause worth sharing and spending time on.

Photo credit: Crisostomo Family
Each year for the past five years, we don our santa claus and fairy costumes to go around Metro Manila to give out lootbags to kariton families and roadside public servants along our usual bike commute routes to school, work or errands.

Be a part of this annual yuletide CMR… no registration fees to be collected.

When December 17, Saturday
Registration 3.00-3.30pm Meet, Mingle, be Merry!
Assembly/Briefing 3.45
Ride Out 4.00pm
Lootbag-giving 4.00-6.30pm

Requirements for joining the ride:
1) A happy yuletide disposition and willingness and physical capacity to carry at least 2 lootbags in your own backpack for the duration of the ride

*In case of back problems, you can be our candy man or woman… carry candies for giving away to kids, street families, traffic enforcers, takatak boys/girls and bystanders.

2) Contribute two lootbags (more if you like!) for the ride

3) Wear a Xmas Costume or have a Xmas accent on your bicycle…

4) If under 18 years of age, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

5) Must have blinkers, wear a helmet (if not wearing a santa hat), enough water for the ride

Suggested Contents of Loot Pack:
Option A
2kgs rice
2 Sachets of sardines or corned beef or any ulam in sachets
3 mami noodles
1 pack candies

Option B
Tasty Bread
2 Sachets of sardines or corned beef or any ulam in sachets
3 mami noodles
1 pack candies

Optional additionals:
facetowel, new/pre-owned good condition clothing, slippers
crackers, blanket

You may also donate in bulk any of the following, we’ll pack it for you!
Rice Packs
Rice Cavans
In Sachet Goods (sardines or corned beef or ulam)
Pre-owned shirts big enough for wrapping loot in
Food for After-ride Xmas Dinner

We will accept goods at Firefly Brigade’s Headquarters:
169 Kamias Road near corner Langka St., Kamias, QC

from December 10-15, Drop-off times are from 1-6pm only. 

— Christmas is the season for giving.. What better way to give than to combine your passion for biking with gift giving? 😀
You may also come early on ride day to help pack last minute donations.

Firefly Urban Night Fun Ride : Bike Advocacy Awareness

It is a strange trade that of advocacy. Your intellect, your highest heavenly gift is hung up in the shop window like a loaded pistol for sale.
      –Thomas Carlyle

Why do we bike?
You may ask —

I personally love the cool wind in my face as I bike my way around.
The sense of freedom that one has by just turning the wheels, by just pedalling..

Biking is one of life’s simple pleasures that my dad had taught me when I was a little kid. I had good memories of him as he supported me and I felt his sense of pride as he watched me go about my merry way with my bike.

So I in turn ask, “Why not?”

As we grew older, we forgot how it feels to be free as a kid.
Busy with our day to day lives, we tend to forget how life is at its best in simplicity.

Simple, clean, fun — this is what this post is about.
Sharing with you one of my advocacies: Biking.

A short fun night urban night ride on NOVEMBER 26, 2011

Assembly at 4.00pm SM MOA at the Firefly Lighting Xmas Tree area (near the Police Station)
where we have been invited to the pre-lighting activities of the Firefly Lighting Christmas Ride.

Ride around SM MOA at 4.30-5.30pm
then ride out to Manila and where our wings will take us!

Attach xmas accents to your ride para mas fun!
We’ll also be announcing our Xmas Gift-giving plans.

Pace: 10-15kph
Kms: 10kms aorund SM MOA
Beyond SM MOA: 10-15kms

Requirement: No helmet, No Ride!
A fun, happy disposition and a love of night riding 🙂

No registration fees.
A funky, fun, useful surprise await early birds and participants  at the pre-lighting event 🙂

First 100 participants get a shirt. 🙂 

We’re also signing a big get well soon card for Carmela Yap, a lady biker who is recovering from a jeep-bike accident

– An invitation from Firefly Brigade.. Come and join!

Bike To Light : 10,000 Bottle of Lights

BIKE TO LIGHT : Deliver 10,000 Bottle Lights to Filipino homes

On November 30, take part in a monumental campaign to deliver light to thousands of homes in Metro Manila.

… … Join hundreds of bikers to help bring 10,000 solar bottle bulbs from Camp Aguinaldo to the historical Pinaglabanan Shrine, where they will be distributed amongst volunteers and installed in 30 communities.


Be part of the documentary that will be shot on this day which snippets will be shown in Durban South Aftrica on December 6, 2011 on the Climate Change Convention where Liter of Light is invited to speak to 500 world leaders ! Help make this BIG for the Philippines who is leading the way in community built solar lighting.

This Bonifacio Day, commemorate history. Make history. Be a part of a new revolution!


Bike Forest Bike!!!

Today, upon checking out my Facebook, I saw this event from The Firefly Brigade – Phils. 

It caught my attention because it brought back memories of the days when biking for me was just like breathing air.
Bike to work from Makati to Alabang and back; bike to the trails of Montalban (Padyak All The Way); heck, even bike to do groceries in SM Makati!

My pink KHS bike and Mel’s blue Trek
Looking at my old pink bike, I was having flashbacks of how urban riding was so much fun that I have to re post this as an invite to all bike enthusiasts out there.

Mel of WOWPinay, Ricky of Firefly Brigade, Rissa of PinayFitness
11.12.11; 7am to 10am; Marikina City Hall

A Partnership Fun Ride to  highlight the International Year of the Forest, the 2nd Annual Science Film Festival and Clean Air Month.


Rissa, King of All Terra & Mel


French Embassy 
European Union
The Science Film Festival Committee

Marikina Bikeways Office
Firefly Brigade
SM City Marikina
ABS-CBN Foundation
Pace: 10-15km per hour  Length: 20kms
Special Feature: Outdoor Film-showing of “Of Man and Forests”
Program Flow:
7.00am Assembly, Marikina City Hall
7.30am Opening Program
Welcome by SFF Organizers
Ride Briefing by Firefly Brigade
7.45-9.00am Ride Out
9.00-9.30am Closing Program, SM City Marikina
Welcome by Marikina City Administrator Victoriano Sabiniano
-talk about watershed management efforts/IYF efforts

Response of SFF Organizers (Goethe, Europenean Union)
and Introduction to Film-showing

Firefly Brigade Closing and Thank you to Bikers.
This activity also supports the National Greening Program

— I want to join.. who’s interested? 
Let’s meet up Pinays!

Bike to Work for Fitness

I am retyping  and posting an article written by Fara Manuel of The Firefly Brigade for the 10th Tour of Fireflies Newsletter where yours truly was featured for an interview about Biking to Work.

“They are ordinary people with extraordinary abilities. They are everywhere among us. They are bike
commuters! In the streets at sundown, it has become a pseudo-bike parade for menial workers who bike commute. Their bikes become make-shift carriages & extensions to shovels, construction materials and what-have-you’s. But this street parade is not at all exclusive. More and more “weekend” or recreational cyclists are joining the trend!

*Urban Assault : going down the stairs of Luneta
(Photo courtesy of Karen Menez)
Mountainbiker, Rissa Falvo is a 38 year old, Control Systems Design Engineer for a multi-national company and a mother of four. Her commute? a 20km or 50 minute bike ride from Makati to Alabang.


RF: It all started three years ago. Since the route is from Makati – C5 – Taguig – Bicutan – Service Road – Alabang, it is not a feat one that one can do daily. I remember though, there was this instance that I tried to do it for 2 consecuttive weeks – daily. Realistically, with the distance to my office, once or twice a week is doable.
RF: At first, it was a thing I did just because I can. Eventually, it gave me a sense of empowerment riding my bike – a Zen like experience pedaling throught the streets at dawn. It gave me a different feeling of strength that I could tackle the daily grind in the office considering I made it in one piece – amidst the speeding vehicles, big trucks along servie rode and reckless jeepney drivers.

READ MORE HERE…..  10th Tour of the Fireflies Newsletter (Page 8)

RF: Take it slow- try it out during a weekend, in a comfortable paced enjoyable ride. Plan your route – if you could fine a route that would be an alternative to the busy main road, go for it – better use side streets. Do your research and be knowledgeable in safety practices while biking in a public road – try http://bicyclesafe.com/ – it has an informative article on “How to Not Get Hit by Cars’ Be predictable. Be confident and illuminate yourself like a firefly. :)”

*XC Splash MTB Race

I hope in doing so, some would consider biking as a form of exercise in their quest for fitness.