Need Motivation? Try Skechers GO Run!

It was a crazy Friday evening, with workload that makes you want to wish that you’d be nearing finish line but still a bit way far off.  
My friend Vima’s invitation for the Skecher’s event was a breath of fresh air for me.

I have been reassessing my schedule lately and I have been noticing that I need to put in more hours for exercise, wondering if it is lack of motivation or just plain laziness.

What really caught my interest for the launch was its name. GO RUN.

It reminds me of those moments when you decide that you’d wake up in the morning for a run, yet, stay a little while in bed.. read your friend’s Facebook updates via mobile.. and without you noticing it, the sun is way high up. 
The name, is a fancy way to counteract that bad habit of procastination and replace it with a mantra for motivation: GO RUN. I likey.

Jenny Arce and me

It was a fun event where I was able to meet new friends and reconnect with old friends. We were requested to wear our running outfit and it kinda felt weird since we were in a mall but, as I say, what better way to support the sport?

Michelle doing her presentation

The lady who did the presentation was Michelle Estuar. She started it with telling us how heel-striking, a gait that is common among runners, is ineffecient and dangerous since this has a jarring impact on the body.

She also informed us that mid-foot is the best way to run and how Skechers GO Run’s mid-foot strike technology enhances the natural running performance of runners by positioning the body for an efficient mid-foot strike, reducing the impact of heel striking.

Skechers GO Run is launched as a new minimalistic lightweight running shoe line that integrates this technology. 

Since almost everyone is into barefoot running nowadays, I noticed that GO Run closely mimics barefoot running while wearing shoes due to its weight: about 6.9oz for male and 4.9oz for women. It also lets the foot function, letting it flex and twist allowing your foot to move as naturally as possible .

After dinner was served the bloggers were getting to know each other a little better, nine bloggers were called up for a challenge. We were caught off guard! I was thinking to myself “Oh! That explained why there were three treadmills set-up outside the store!”. We were divided in three batches and was tasked to run 500 meters wearing Skechers GO Run, the first one to reach it the goal would bring home his or her own pair of GO Run!

It was an all out run for all of us and I was lucky enough to be 2secs ahead of my batch and am now a proud owner of a Skechers Women’s GO RUN in Gray!

A while ago, when I woke up, two words came to mind : GO RUN. And I did.

“The race does not always go to the swift, but to the ones who keep running.”

Bike Forest Bike!!!

Today, upon checking out my Facebook, I saw this event from The Firefly Brigade – Phils. 

It caught my attention because it brought back memories of the days when biking for me was just like breathing air.
Bike to work from Makati to Alabang and back; bike to the trails of Montalban (Padyak All The Way); heck, even bike to do groceries in SM Makati!

My pink KHS bike and Mel’s blue Trek
Looking at my old pink bike, I was having flashbacks of how urban riding was so much fun that I have to re post this as an invite to all bike enthusiasts out there.

Mel of WOWPinay, Ricky of Firefly Brigade, Rissa of PinayFitness
11.12.11; 7am to 10am; Marikina City Hall

A Partnership Fun Ride to  highlight the International Year of the Forest, the 2nd Annual Science Film Festival and Clean Air Month.


Rissa, King of All Terra & Mel


French Embassy 
European Union
The Science Film Festival Committee

Marikina Bikeways Office
Firefly Brigade
SM City Marikina
ABS-CBN Foundation
Pace: 10-15km per hour  Length: 20kms
Special Feature: Outdoor Film-showing of “Of Man and Forests”
Program Flow:
7.00am Assembly, Marikina City Hall
7.30am Opening Program
Welcome by SFF Organizers
Ride Briefing by Firefly Brigade
7.45-9.00am Ride Out
9.00-9.30am Closing Program, SM City Marikina
Welcome by Marikina City Administrator Victoriano Sabiniano
-talk about watershed management efforts/IYF efforts

Response of SFF Organizers (Goethe, Europenean Union)
and Introduction to Film-showing

Firefly Brigade Closing and Thank you to Bikers.
This activity also supports the National Greening Program

— I want to join.. who’s interested? 
Let’s meet up Pinays!

Pinays in Sports

 THIS PAGE will feature articles about our home-grown Filipina Athletes and Weekend Warriors who shares the same passion for the sports.

Pinay Fitness is open for contributors as we want to hear from you.

Email us at pinayfitness(at)gmail(dot)com

Off-road Mountainbiking with Ani De  Leon Brown in the island of Boracay
Rissa with First Filipino/a Ironman Kona Hawaii Quafier, Ani De Leon Brown

Women and Weightlifting

Why lift?
I ask you, why not..

It has been said that Filipinas are known to be shy, submissive and soft-spoken.
Not that I’m speaking in behalf of my sisses in our country, but, sad to say, that is the stereotype.
Well, a typical view for women is the so called “damsel-in-distress” who is always in a look out for her knight in shining armor to whisk her away from her misery.

This may also be the reason why most of us are afraid, or rather, hesitant to go to the gym and pick up those dumbbells, barbells and what-have-yous.

For most of us, most of the machines look like some scary contraption that might eat us alive.. my sisters, hear me out — don’t you know that those machines and iron that look frightingly intimidating to you is actually The Holy Grail of Fitness?

Since I started my quest for fitness way back 2000, I have tried lots of things.
I started road running, dieting and various gadgets in home TV shopping that promised quick fix for a few minutes of your time.

I searched and searched until I finally got it.

That is why I decided to start this blog for those Filipinas and non-Filipinas alike who is in their own quest for a smaller waistline, lesser tummy fat, and stronger physique.

I wish for you to accompany me in this journey, share your thoughts and ask questions – for us to shed light to all those myths in Women and Weightlifting.

I believe that it’s about time to get rid of the damsel in distress mentality and work our way to independence.
Join me in my quest as I share with you in my posts what worked for me.

Why lift? Because it works.

Here’s hoping that it would work for you too.