My Mom

I’m super proud of her. She is such a strong woman and if you click on this video, you could see her playing dodgeball with her grand kids. 
For someone who’s turning 70 years old this 2012, this is amazing (considering that she does not lift weights and do gym stuff)
She always makes sure to eat healthy though, drink her water and put it 30mins of movement every day (jog around, do body weight squats and play wall ping-pong for agility)
I pray that she makes is as sustainable as possible so that she can continue to inspire the lives that she touches.

WOW! How Did She Lose 10lbs of FAT in Four Weeks?

Hi Girls! We’re back!
Remember that one time last year when our PinayFitness Facebook Account  sent out an invite for a FREE MAKEOVER for our readers and friends?
We are proud to announce that IT WAS A DEFINITE SUCCESS!
We have documented our program’s progress for you to see that it is indeed doable, as long as you have the determination to do so and plan accordingly
·         Orientation on how will the program be detailed and documented
·         Amor was easy to talk to regarding her lifestyle evaluation and very much excited to undergo the program.
·         As in a start of any commitment, she was bit hesitant on the exercise expectation if she could finish it.
·         She admittedly stated that she does not like running.
·         She thought drinking coffee is enough to hydrate her body. Does not drink water (very minimal if she does).
·         Shocked with her weight assessment being under obese category despite of her actively involved in bowling
·         Diet mind setting. A “Before” Shot was made and measurement to show progress. 
Amor M/F/46yo
Total Body Weight
Body Fat %
Lean Wt.
Fat Wt.
Waist to Hip Ratio

·         Food Intake make-over by teaching her to eat wisely.
·         Two (2) to Three (3) times a week of PinayFitness Exercise Inserts. Making it a habit
      Weekend Core with PinayFitness

·         Food Intake documentation for analysis and assessment.
·         Two (2) to Three (3) times a week of PinayFitness Exercise Inserts.
·         Weekend Strength with PinayFitness
·         Food Intake documentation for analysis and assessment.
·         Two (2) to Three (3) times a week of PinayFitness Exercise Inserts.
·         Weekend Strength and Core with PinayFitness
·         Interestingly, Amor had stopped drinking coffee even if we had told her that it’s okey to drink coffee
·         She also ate more fruits and vegetables as part of her nutritional intake.
·         She’s hyperactive, can you see how happy she is in her “After” shot? 🙂
·         After all the time invested, Amor had lost 10 pounds of fat weight, 5.5 inches, and gained 5.8 pounds of lean weight.
Amor M/F/46yo
Total Body Weight
Body Fat %
Lean Wt.
Fat Wt.
Waist to Hip Ratio
During the weekend program, Amor was able to challenge her body in various activities that she hasn’t ventured into before. A definite proof that “What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve!” 
Kudos to you AMOR! Keep it up and be an inspiration to us all.
So, girls, what are you waiting for?
*PinayFitness is offering Fitness Programs to fit your needs : be it for that 10K race you have in your calendar, or for you to wear the bathing suit you got as a reward this summer vacation or just simply over all well being. Just email us at pinayfitness(at)gmail(dot)com OR leave a comment.
We are here to help. Spread the word!
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Time: Our Friend

Exactly six months ago .. I had my blog entry for the year..

I know, I know!  That is not the way to work on a blog!
Excuses like, “I was too busy..” “Office workload and deadlines were way too much…” yadda yadda yadda..

The list goes on and on.

After assessing what had transpired, I found out that, it’s not about the things that you HAVE to do, it’s about HOW you schedule the things that you WANT / NEED / HAVE to do!

Everyone is pressed for time. Everyone has their own personal deadlines. Everyone is BUSY.
Heck, that’s one of the reasons why we cannot even “Squeeze in a workout” in our super duper busy schedule.

Time management is a skill that most of us are not born with, but as with every skill, it could be learned.

Time is the great equalizer. We need to use our time more efficiently.. so you ask, how do we do that?

As with every activity, like maintaining a blog, or your own physical fitness, we need to PLAN our goals and MONITOR progress.

We also need to asses what is most important to us.
Remember that there is always a list of what needs to be done – and be aware that we cannot do it all.
We just need to KNOW which of the bullets on our list is TOP PRIORITY.

Time Management is a habit – it is not something you can learn easily.
According to Steven R Covey’s book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, there are four possible categories for the things on your to-do list:

  • important and due soon (Quadrant I)
  • important and not due soon (Quadrant II)
  • not important but due soon (Quadrant III)
  • not important and not due soon (Quadrant IV)

 Knowing what your “things to do” are and working on it based on the quadrants is a good habit to start.

So, let’s all start making a list and write “GETTING IN A WORKOUT” in all caps and flag is in Quadrant II  cause we don’t want to reach to a point when it gets to be in Quadrant I.

See you in the gym!