FINANCIAL FITNESS: Seven Nuggets of Wisdom

It was 2005 when I had the realization that I should take charge of my finances.
I was already working for quite some time, but didn’t have any savings.

A friend of mine shared his favorite book, “The Richest Man in Babylon” and at the same time, my brother was trying to influence me into taking a look into my financial status.

Since then, I was able to get a grip on things, slowly paying off my personal credit card debts and invested in some Retail Treasury Bonds (RTB), Time Deposits (TD) and the some Blue Chips in the Stock Market.

Back then, I was challenged as a single mom, trying to get back on track.
Years after the realization, I was able to make the change and had my own share of learnings along the way. These are things one would read in books, but for sure, these had helped me out a lot.

Sharing the Seven Nuggets of Wisdom that had helped me out during those times.

1. It’s all in the mind. 

Wealth is a mind game.

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Unless your parents are already millionaires and tycoons, almost everyone starts from scratch, zero, nada.  A more specific case is that if one is deeply in debt, relying on credit cards to live and funds coming in is not enough, having allocation for savings is the least of your priorities.
If you could relate to this scenario, don’t despair ~ I was in that exact situation 10 years ago.
Know that, as long as you have working income, you can convert that into passive income, IF YOU DECIDE. Be with positive, like-minded individuals. Develop a goal, device a plan and track your progress. What the mind can conceive, it can definitely achieve.

2. Develop the habit of saving. 

 Give yourself  10% no matter how small or big. It’s the habit, not the cost.

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 Be it Php 100 a month, Php 1,000 or even Php 10,000, it doesn’t really matter as long as you start on in. Remember, Rome was not built in a day.

3. Learn to find beauty in simplicity.
Simplify your life. Turn of the television, do picnics with the kids, run in the park and have mini picnics. Your kids will thank you more for it. Time spent with family is what makes childhood memories more special and memorable.
Do bike commutes,get on you bike and reduce your carbon footprint. Enjoy every moment of movement and the zen feeling of just breezing through traffic with just you and your bike.

4. Manage your wealth. 
Being stewards of wealth, we are gauged by how we manage what we have.
If we know how to manage the small stuff, we can then be trusted with the bigger stuff.

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Know how to minimize your extra expenses and determine the thin line between wants and needs. If you must, buy more assets that liabilities. Being a good money manager is the sure fire way to financial freedom

5. Make your money grow. 
It is not how much you earn but what you do with the money coming in.
Learn about your options with different investment vehicles: business, stocks, real estate, time deposits, etc. Expand your knowledge base and take calculated risks.

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Be open to opportunities for your money to grow – broaden your network and meet new people.
Who knows, your next business deal would probably come from that person you met in the gym!

6. Know there is joy in giving.
You might not feel that there is anything to give, but, looking at nugget #1, If you keep on telling yourself you have nothing, then your physical reality would prove your right.
As stewards, it is our duty also to share what we have.

Let us all learn from the majestic tress. They give that they may live.
When you prune a branch or pick a fruit, nature makes sure that it grows back after a time. The law of nature shows that the more you give, the more you grow.

7. Have fun in our way to financial freedom.

These simple things surprisingly makes a big difference to help you reach your financial fitness goals. Try it out and share what your nuggets of wisdom are!

Need Motivation? Try Skechers GO Run!

It was a crazy Friday evening, with workload that makes you want to wish that you’d be nearing finish line but still a bit way far off.  
My friend Vima’s invitation for the Skecher’s event was a breath of fresh air for me.

I have been reassessing my schedule lately and I have been noticing that I need to put in more hours for exercise, wondering if it is lack of motivation or just plain laziness.

What really caught my interest for the launch was its name. GO RUN.

It reminds me of those moments when you decide that you’d wake up in the morning for a run, yet, stay a little while in bed.. read your friend’s Facebook updates via mobile.. and without you noticing it, the sun is way high up. 
The name, is a fancy way to counteract that bad habit of procastination and replace it with a mantra for motivation: GO RUN. I likey.

Jenny Arce and me

It was a fun event where I was able to meet new friends and reconnect with old friends. We were requested to wear our running outfit and it kinda felt weird since we were in a mall but, as I say, what better way to support the sport?

Michelle doing her presentation

The lady who did the presentation was Michelle Estuar. She started it with telling us how heel-striking, a gait that is common among runners, is ineffecient and dangerous since this has a jarring impact on the body.

She also informed us that mid-foot is the best way to run and how Skechers GO Run’s mid-foot strike technology enhances the natural running performance of runners by positioning the body for an efficient mid-foot strike, reducing the impact of heel striking.

Skechers GO Run is launched as a new minimalistic lightweight running shoe line that integrates this technology. 

Since almost everyone is into barefoot running nowadays, I noticed that GO Run closely mimics barefoot running while wearing shoes due to its weight: about 6.9oz for male and 4.9oz for women. It also lets the foot function, letting it flex and twist allowing your foot to move as naturally as possible .

After dinner was served the bloggers were getting to know each other a little better, nine bloggers were called up for a challenge. We were caught off guard! I was thinking to myself “Oh! That explained why there were three treadmills set-up outside the store!”. We were divided in three batches and was tasked to run 500 meters wearing Skechers GO Run, the first one to reach it the goal would bring home his or her own pair of GO Run!

It was an all out run for all of us and I was lucky enough to be 2secs ahead of my batch and am now a proud owner of a Skechers Women’s GO RUN in Gray!

A while ago, when I woke up, two words came to mind : GO RUN. And I did.

“The race does not always go to the swift, but to the ones who keep running.”

WOW! How Did She Lose 10lbs of FAT in Four Weeks?

Hi Girls! We’re back!
Remember that one time last year when our PinayFitness Facebook Account  sent out an invite for a FREE MAKEOVER for our readers and friends?
We are proud to announce that IT WAS A DEFINITE SUCCESS!
We have documented our program’s progress for you to see that it is indeed doable, as long as you have the determination to do so and plan accordingly
·         Orientation on how will the program be detailed and documented
·         Amor was easy to talk to regarding her lifestyle evaluation and very much excited to undergo the program.
·         As in a start of any commitment, she was bit hesitant on the exercise expectation if she could finish it.
·         She admittedly stated that she does not like running.
·         She thought drinking coffee is enough to hydrate her body. Does not drink water (very minimal if she does).
·         Shocked with her weight assessment being under obese category despite of her actively involved in bowling
·         Diet mind setting. A “Before” Shot was made and measurement to show progress. 
Amor M/F/46yo
Total Body Weight
Body Fat %
Lean Wt.
Fat Wt.
Waist to Hip Ratio

·         Food Intake make-over by teaching her to eat wisely.
·         Two (2) to Three (3) times a week of PinayFitness Exercise Inserts. Making it a habit
      Weekend Core with PinayFitness

·         Food Intake documentation for analysis and assessment.
·         Two (2) to Three (3) times a week of PinayFitness Exercise Inserts.
·         Weekend Strength with PinayFitness
·         Food Intake documentation for analysis and assessment.
·         Two (2) to Three (3) times a week of PinayFitness Exercise Inserts.
·         Weekend Strength and Core with PinayFitness
·         Interestingly, Amor had stopped drinking coffee even if we had told her that it’s okey to drink coffee
·         She also ate more fruits and vegetables as part of her nutritional intake.
·         She’s hyperactive, can you see how happy she is in her “After” shot? 🙂
·         After all the time invested, Amor had lost 10 pounds of fat weight, 5.5 inches, and gained 5.8 pounds of lean weight.
Amor M/F/46yo
Total Body Weight
Body Fat %
Lean Wt.
Fat Wt.
Waist to Hip Ratio
During the weekend program, Amor was able to challenge her body in various activities that she hasn’t ventured into before. A definite proof that “What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve!” 
Kudos to you AMOR! Keep it up and be an inspiration to us all.
So, girls, what are you waiting for?
*PinayFitness is offering Fitness Programs to fit your needs : be it for that 10K race you have in your calendar, or for you to wear the bathing suit you got as a reward this summer vacation or just simply over all well being. Just email us at pinayfitness(at)gmail(dot)com OR leave a comment.
We are here to help. Spread the word!
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6th Firefly Brigade Christmas Gift-giving Ride

“You will find, as you look back on your life, that the moments that stand out
are the moments when you have done things for others.”
 – Henry Drummond

Facebook is indeed a wonderful thing. Not only does it reconnect people but it helps the community in a lot of ways. I saw this invite from my Facebook, I believe that this is indeed a cause worth sharing and spending time on.

Photo credit: Crisostomo Family
Each year for the past five years, we don our santa claus and fairy costumes to go around Metro Manila to give out lootbags to kariton families and roadside public servants along our usual bike commute routes to school, work or errands.

Be a part of this annual yuletide CMR… no registration fees to be collected.

When December 17, Saturday
Registration 3.00-3.30pm Meet, Mingle, be Merry!
Assembly/Briefing 3.45
Ride Out 4.00pm
Lootbag-giving 4.00-6.30pm

Requirements for joining the ride:
1) A happy yuletide disposition and willingness and physical capacity to carry at least 2 lootbags in your own backpack for the duration of the ride

*In case of back problems, you can be our candy man or woman… carry candies for giving away to kids, street families, traffic enforcers, takatak boys/girls and bystanders.

2) Contribute two lootbags (more if you like!) for the ride

3) Wear a Xmas Costume or have a Xmas accent on your bicycle…

4) If under 18 years of age, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

5) Must have blinkers, wear a helmet (if not wearing a santa hat), enough water for the ride

Suggested Contents of Loot Pack:
Option A
2kgs rice
2 Sachets of sardines or corned beef or any ulam in sachets
3 mami noodles
1 pack candies

Option B
Tasty Bread
2 Sachets of sardines or corned beef or any ulam in sachets
3 mami noodles
1 pack candies

Optional additionals:
facetowel, new/pre-owned good condition clothing, slippers
crackers, blanket

You may also donate in bulk any of the following, we’ll pack it for you!
Rice Packs
Rice Cavans
In Sachet Goods (sardines or corned beef or ulam)
Pre-owned shirts big enough for wrapping loot in
Food for After-ride Xmas Dinner

We will accept goods at Firefly Brigade’s Headquarters:
169 Kamias Road near corner Langka St., Kamias, QC

from December 10-15, Drop-off times are from 1-6pm only. 

— Christmas is the season for giving.. What better way to give than to combine your passion for biking with gift giving? 😀
You may also come early on ride day to help pack last minute donations.

Firefly Urban Night Fun Ride : Bike Advocacy Awareness

It is a strange trade that of advocacy. Your intellect, your highest heavenly gift is hung up in the shop window like a loaded pistol for sale.
      –Thomas Carlyle

Why do we bike?
You may ask —

I personally love the cool wind in my face as I bike my way around.
The sense of freedom that one has by just turning the wheels, by just pedalling..

Biking is one of life’s simple pleasures that my dad had taught me when I was a little kid. I had good memories of him as he supported me and I felt his sense of pride as he watched me go about my merry way with my bike.

So I in turn ask, “Why not?”

As we grew older, we forgot how it feels to be free as a kid.
Busy with our day to day lives, we tend to forget how life is at its best in simplicity.

Simple, clean, fun — this is what this post is about.
Sharing with you one of my advocacies: Biking.

A short fun night urban night ride on NOVEMBER 26, 2011

Assembly at 4.00pm SM MOA at the Firefly Lighting Xmas Tree area (near the Police Station)
where we have been invited to the pre-lighting activities of the Firefly Lighting Christmas Ride.

Ride around SM MOA at 4.30-5.30pm
then ride out to Manila and where our wings will take us!

Attach xmas accents to your ride para mas fun!
We’ll also be announcing our Xmas Gift-giving plans.

Pace: 10-15kph
Kms: 10kms aorund SM MOA
Beyond SM MOA: 10-15kms

Requirement: No helmet, No Ride!
A fun, happy disposition and a love of night riding 🙂

No registration fees.
A funky, fun, useful surprise await early birds and participants  at the pre-lighting event 🙂

First 100 participants get a shirt. 🙂 

We’re also signing a big get well soon card for Carmela Yap, a lady biker who is recovering from a jeep-bike accident

– An invitation from Firefly Brigade.. Come and join!

Bike To Light : 10,000 Bottle of Lights

BIKE TO LIGHT : Deliver 10,000 Bottle Lights to Filipino homes

On November 30, take part in a monumental campaign to deliver light to thousands of homes in Metro Manila.

… … Join hundreds of bikers to help bring 10,000 solar bottle bulbs from Camp Aguinaldo to the historical Pinaglabanan Shrine, where they will be distributed amongst volunteers and installed in 30 communities.


Be part of the documentary that will be shot on this day which snippets will be shown in Durban South Aftrica on December 6, 2011 on the Climate Change Convention where Liter of Light is invited to speak to 500 world leaders ! Help make this BIG for the Philippines who is leading the way in community built solar lighting.

This Bonifacio Day, commemorate history. Make history. Be a part of a new revolution!