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We are living in the NOW generation.

In today’s modern world, it is not unusual for one to read the daily news in her mobile phone, send messages to various groups of friends in just a flick of a finger, or even work and reply mails in the middle of a metro-traffic situation.

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Technology has made it easy for all of us — this made me realize that we have at our finger tips instant access to all the information we need (unlike a few years back, we have to go to the library to do our research and spend hours and hours of reading and taking down notes!)

This got me really interested in finding ways on how to simplify our quest for tracking and monitoring progress for our fitness goals; interestingly, kudos to Mr. Technology, I was able to stumble upon this infographic from

*’ long term goal is to be a community that connects with others having similar goals (forums, contributors, the works) with the vision of helping each other achieve  personal improvement

Read and learn my friends!